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PaulNajeraThis channel shows short videos on topics of Religion

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The Ascension of Jesus Christ

650 צפיות

Haven't seen you in a long time

313 צפיות

One God Many Paths?

514 צפיות

The Benefits Of Belief

133 צפיות

God and Suffering

341 צפיות

Are People Born Good?

359 צפיות

Do we have Freewill?

315 צפיות

Second Coming of Christ

256 צפיות

The Case for Christ

414 צפיות

The Discipline of Self-Control

359 צפיות

Has Science Buried God?

291 צפיות

The Existence of God

595 צפיות

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

1,076 צפיות

The Ten Commandments

253 צפיות

The 6 days in Genesis 1

262 צפיות

Faith Comparison

268 צפיות

דףמתוך 1
26 וידיאו 26 - 1 מתוך