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Clark Ortiz - Tvuer Founder

Clark Ortiz - Tvuer Founder

OrtizMediaGroupContent developed by the Founder of Tvuer, an Ortiz Media Group company. The content will be from Mr. Ortiz directed productions. Much of the content is developed on location and reality based programming.

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Praised By A Tree

10 צפיות

Your Words Create Your World

19 צפיות

Commissioned By Christ

20 צפיות

Let Your Life Sound

3 צפיות

Let Your Light Shine

4 צפיות

Jesus Is Life

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Church in the New Year

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A Joyful Sound

21 צפיות

Pastors Daily Thoughts

186 צפיות


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Instruction to TVuer

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4 Truths For Kingdom Living

56 צפיות

Balaam Vs The Donkey

28 צפיות

God's Plan

52 צפיות

Family Of God

23 צפיות

Church That Loves

23 צפיות

Clark’s vLog May 19, 2020

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19 וידיאו 19 - 1 מתוך