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Markus Braasch


As we abide in the Lord's rest and live from that place of peace and rest in Him, circumstances will not be able to reign over us.

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Lord, we want to see your power and your glory flowing out from our innermost beings (Ps 63:2, Joh 7:38)!

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Do we realize how close the kingdom of heaven has come to us? Can we sense the intense desire of the Holy Spirit inside of us to change the world around us and help people to encounter the reality of heaven on earth?

These are some of the questions I am thinking about, currently. I do not have all the answers, yet. But I definitely like the direction these questions are pointing to. What do you think?

Isn't the world we live in amazingly beautiful?

Prophetic messages like this inspire me. They carry some of the substance of heaven and satisfy a spiritual hunger deep inside. At the same time they also feed and stir a fire within. Do you want more of this fire?

This picture was taken on a trip to Kerala, India. It was my first trip to Asia, and I discovered the Asians really need Jesus. They may even need him as much as we Europeans.


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Endangered Mountain Goats


Great teaching.


Nice one


Happy Birthday Markus!! God bless you!



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