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Astell Collins

Astell Collins|Guyana

Becoming the change I seek

My Profile (www.google.com/profiles/astelley< /a>)

My company  Astelley's Pen Empire (www.astelleypenempire.com)

Emails: astell@astelleypenempire.com or astelley@gmail.com  

Astell Collins is the C.E.O. of Astelley’s Pen Empire as well as the founder of Kingdom Ambassadors. He is also the President of the BD1 Foundation and has been recently appointed as the National Ambassador of the 4Change Foundation as well as the Director for the 4Change Leadership Academy.

I am a poet, an author and a motivational speaker from Guyana, South America; who helps people develop their TAGs (talents, abilities and gifts) on their journey to self destiny. Moreover, Kingdom Ambassadors [KA] is a youth initiative of the company that facilitates my mission to change tomorrow today by becoming the solution. Before pursuing my purpose, I functioned as a qualified Medical Technologist in the position of Branch Manager. I resigned to complete my first book of inspired poems which allowed me to do a Caribbean tour, which was concluded in November, 2007 in the Bahamas at a leadership summit hosted by Dr. Myles Munroe. Now with seven compilations under my belt, my latest release is a tribute to women called, “Honouring Women and their femininity” in recognition of Women’s Month. My passion is to encourage the youths to “become the change they seek”, through my:

  • Gospoetry (In concert tour);
  • Experiencing your Greatness conferences
  • Motivational Speaking Engagements

Astelley’s Pen Empire (APE) is much more than a brand, it rather represents the ideal that one can make a difference. Since it is our belief that the youths are our inevitable future, we have developed a youth initiative called Kingdom Ambassadors ( TV Show, internet interactions, The Counsel, motivational and informative speeches, magazine column and radio show)

Our production list at APE includes:

  • Post Cards, Greeting Cards, Wallet-size Cards, Book markers
  • Decorative Ostrich Eggs
  •  Cups/Mugs with matching plates/saucers
  • T-shirts, clothing line
  • Books, CDs & DVDs of Gospoetry


MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME……..? ………..HE IS NOT HERE, HE IS RISEN..…! (Matt.27:46;Ps.22.1;Mk.16:6) Friday , Saturday and Sunday- the events on these three days more than 2000 years ago brought a new era in the history of the World. Jesus Christ was crucified, buried a

Astell Collins הוסיף גלריה חדשה

Astell Collins הוסיף גלריה חדשה

yenni m-e

my dear friends who have a good start to the week, our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and cared for a big hug FROM MEXICO,

Eternal Hope In Christ Ministry Pakistan

Happy Birthday Dear God Bless u


happy birthday, the presence of my Lord in your life is important, with love. LAURA


Happy B'Day in advance...! God make all your efforts in the days ahead..!

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