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Robert Paul|India

I am Robert, I sell domain names and free hosting services at www.bbchost.com. Visit our website for more details. I am born again and live for God. I also run a music school, see details here: www.melodyschool.com Thank you !!

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Hi, I am Robert Paul from India. I started a ministry called Ephatha Ministries (www.ephatha.in) in Trivandrum (Kerala, India). I wrote one malayalam tract and printed 2.5 lakh copies. And |עוד

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My name is Robert Paul. I live in Kerala, India. I am married, and have a kid. Our family is a Blessed family.

I am the younger son in my family. My father was the Pastor in Assemblies of God Church. In 1993, God called him back. God gave me good education, and now I am a silent worker of God.


I am basically a drummer, but I play Guitar and Keyboard. My Wife plays Piano and Violin.Myself and my wife together, we run a music school (Melody School of Music) in Trivandrum, Kerala. You can view detais here: www.melodyschool.com


We have more than 100 students learning different instruments, and we trained 27 students for the Grade Examination for the Trinity Guildhall this year (2009).

I am working with www.bbchost.com as a Sales Development Manager. We work hard to sell domain names and other services for low prices. I remember, there was times when we sold .com domain names for $4.99. We make offers every month as no one can offer. BbcHost has grown tremendously in the last three months (Sep - Nov, 2009). The Lord is blessing my job with them.


I am also happy to offer Free Hosting Package (Any space) to my friends and Cross.Tv users. If you are interested, kindly mail to my personal email id: robertu06@gmail.com

(It is not neccessory to register a domain name with us. But if you have a domain name (Anywhere) you can still have our hosting package for free!! We Provide Unlimited Domain Hosting with Unlimited e-mail Services ... )


I request you, if you are in the position to register any domain names, kindly think about us.

Pray for my family and for my business. God Bless You All...





Robert Paul Devilish Hinduism כתב הערה לוידיאו

This is the video taken from Orissa where Christians are persecuted. So many christian were dead in those days and they are in heaven. God cannot be silent. God Show your power not only in Orissa, but in India and all over the world. Lord, I beg you protect your children and strengthen them.

Robert Paul


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