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Janne Bröijer


"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." - 1 Corinthians 3:11

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Father give me faith and love for You, for myself and for others. Keep me healthy and help my suffering friends. Give me wisdom and understanding to my tasks and relationships and guide me |עוד

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Short-term mission trip stories


I went to two different mission trips this summer: First to China and then from Rome to Near East. Trips took five weeks total. I wrote here descriptions of the trips in the limits of security and my perspective. The trip to China started in the beginning of July and two weeks from that started the trip through Finland to Rome and from there after a week's conference to outreach in Near East.

From Rome started the Transform 2010 movement which has the purpose of equipping and comissioning people to carry out the message of Christ and calling more missionaries to countries surrounding the Mediterranean.

The following text includes narration and thoughts from both of the journeys. The pictures attached with the stories I've taken during the trips, except the ones taken of me of course.


China – The big fields are waiting


While starting to write this, I'm in the Near East recalling the trip to China. I will tell you a few thoughts about it.

We didn't have bigger problems but my stomach got mixed up again like during the previous trip to China and I wasn't the only one. In addition to that I became sick before leaving China because of the air conditioning. The air conditioning should be kept at lower position during the night, it's treacherous. The temperature outside is hot and when you come inside to the cool hotel room you might catch flu. We didn't have an interpreter during the trip and the responsibilities of the contact people were a little unclear. Otherwise the whole journey was nice and the experiences were numerous enough especially concerning the food. For instance we tasted dog meat and silkworms. Not so bad as one would imagine. I probably won't eat them again though.

What hanged on top of my mind?


There's two special times on my mind of when I prayed for help and guidance. First time was when I was heading back to our hotel from a big wholesale market and I managed to get lost, because I took a little different route than previously. I prayed for guidance and I happened to find a church from a region that I thought was belonging to a muslim community. I walked in and asked them if they were believing in Jesus and they answered me yes. More than that did neither one of us probably understand from our talks or gestures. As I was continuing my walk along this alley, I found a path which we had traveled with our team earlier and from there I could find my way back to the hotel. Felt like a strange guidance but perhaps it was in some way a blessing also to those people in that church. The other incident happened in Beijing. I had received this Barbie doll as a gift and I wanted to send it forward to my second cousin living in Britain. This happened a day before leaving. I went to the street looking for a post office from a place where I heard it should be but I couldn't find it. I asked help from a few people until one girl went to look for it with me. She spoke understandable english. When we found the post office it was already closed. We even tried to take a taxi and a bus to the Beijing train station where the office supposedly closed later but the time just wasn't on our side because we reasoned that we couldn't make it in time. Finally she asked if I trusted her. I said yes because she appeared to be a sensible and considerate girl. She offered to send the packet for me and I said to her that I can't pay her for the sending. The girl still wanted to send it for me. I gave her a booklet written in Chinese about the gospel. Then she asked me if I'm a Christian and if I believe in Jesus Christ. I said yes and she told me that she has also been a Christian for one year and she's having all kinds of trouble. I gave her my email so she can write to me. She wasn't able to describe her troubles in that situation. Later we found out that sending the packet would cost too much so I promised her that she can give it to some poor children in China.

Here's too examples of how God can guide us. There were hundreds of streets and people around me and from all of them He could lead me to a Christian church or to a believer girl, marvelous!



To me these were small reinforcements for the fact that God works everywhere around the world and is looking for people who are willing to walk in the Spirit doing the acts prepared by Him. Everyone is led by the one and the same spirit that unites the different parts of the body of Christ.

What did we actually do?


In China we served the locals by teaching children in the english schools and we build up relations to locals, especially to the schools' principal. I don't want to speak using names for security reasons and because it doesn't matter here. We also brought food to poor mountain villages. The vision is that the locals would learn to trust us and let their children travel to other countries where telling the gospel is possible. The children and the locals were excited when seeing pale foreigners and being able to meet different people. Part of the people we saw were so poor that they don't have money to travel abroad and we might have been the first foreigners that they see alive. We didn't see tourists from other countries in the city. Our appearances were admired, people all around us turned to look us from amazement and some of them came to ask if they can take a picture with us like we were some celebrities. We also took a lot of pictures from China which are free to use for all believers if they were to ask from me.


Everything wasn't alright


It felt awful seeing people worshipping and sacrificing to ancestors' spirits or pagan gods. We saw several old tempels where they had these golden statues or huge statues of ancestors and engravings about myths. The superstitions and fear of spirits that's been continuing from generation to another is slaving the people. They also hang red ribbons to their cars to bring them luck. First it's all morbid, but then you become numb. Here in western countries the materialism and other pagan worshipping is mixed with eastern superstitions, buddhism and new age religions. In the place pictured here on the left old people constantly visit worshipping who knows what spirits with food and money sacrifices and with incents to receive luck. They put their last hopes of better life sincerely to something like this. I tried to come up with something as sad and at the same time infuriating that I could compare my feelings to and it brought to my mind the watching of Big Brother here in western countries. Thank God the airing of that program has already been forbidden for example in Britain. In China it's not recommendable to preach gospel directly even in these kind of situations if you want to continue missions in the country because some of the Judases might be listening. We need God given visions and wisdom to reach these people.


Here's a short film of the persecutions of Christians in China:

From place to another


The traffic was completely it's own chapter. It was predictably unpredictable. You might spend half of the trip on the wrong lane and the honk is merely a sign for others to stay out of the way because I'm driving here. You can flash your lights on if you want to get the attention of the person in front of you or the one on the left lane. Suddenly you might have a scooter or a car turning in front of you from the left lane or from the side of the road with no turn signal just to pull the vehicle over to the other side of the road. Besides pedestrians the crossings were crowded with scooters and electric bikes waiting for the green light.

Many times we knew no more than what was the next place to go and we counted on that the contact people would take us there. I was in China for the second time and although the mission was completely different than in the previous summer I wasn't disappointed. On the previous summer mission we got to teach about Christ and evangelize and on this summer mission we served otherwise the long-term missionary and the locals. I still experience that China is a special country and now is the time of Chinese, there and elsewhere. Wonderful trip and I hope to be able to go next summer again!


god bless you

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