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Janne Bröijer


"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." - 1 Corinthians 3:11

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Father give me faith and love for You, for myself and for others. Keep me healthy and help my suffering friends. Give me wisdom and understanding to my tasks and relationships and guide me |עוד

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Transform 2010


Many already know where this vision and movement had it's beginning but the ones that don't know yet can go to Transform's official website and watch Gary's video first.


We started from Italy where a conference took place for preparing and equipping us for the outreach. There were many experienced and seasoned shepherds, evangelists, long-term missionaries and representatives of the mission movement training and encouraging us. The week went by fast and I got lots of confidence, new friends and encouragement. Although I coughed the whole week because of the cold I had caught just before the trip and I was slightly depressed by that, I was satisfied that the coughing only lasted to the end of the conference. Many brothers and sisters also offered to pray for me which showed that they care. Despite of the thing that the arrangements in Italy were handled as well as possible, I hope that the next conference is held in some place easier to travel to and where people can understand English. I also noticed that the Italians like to throw stuff and subjects which feels a little rude but maybe it's a matter of taste and depends on the person, I don't want to generalize to much.


Media outreach to the Near East?


The idea of the trip to the Near East was as a media team to produce a video of the Near East as a mission field, take photographs and write articles of what God is doing there and give an outright image of the place. I finished the video under the professional guidance of the team leader by the end of the trip despite of the fact that the video camera stopped working constantly and we had to pray help and guidance for that (smiling). Thus afterwards it might cause some smiling but at that time it probably looked like I had strained a few muscles from my face. I managed to shoot just enough material though. Although others took enough photographs, I also managed to take, besides the video, some fine photos which can be used along with articles or in posters, tracts, web pages, et cetera, for instance with this story. I already wondered before the trip that why weren't my finances sufficient enough to buy a new camera or why weren't I even able to borrow one from someone else, but I got really interested when my camera started offering me ”reinsert the cassette” message while I wanted to shoot. The leader of our team felt while reading the Gospel of Mark that there might be similar idea in this video thing than in the story of Jesus feeding the crowd with five bakery products and two pieces of seafood.

Give your few gifts to God, thank Him for them, share them with others and He will multiply them.


Here's the link to the final video: The Near East


"Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58


The Near East is an intriguing area where you certainly won't run out of experiences, given that you do more than just lie in. When you know what you shouldn't do or speak and if you don't have the stamp of Israel in your passport, you shouldn't have a problem as a traveler or even as a missionary. Just don't tell them that you're a missionary. It means a suicide bomber to them. We had good instructors. There is a desperately growing need for workers in the Near East. There's surely less than half percent of reaching evangelical Christians in several Near Eastern countries which is so little that we can't speak about reached nations. People there are open to conversations and most likely 99% of the people you meet believe that God exists. Speaking about God or praying publicly for someone is completely natural, unlike in western countries. Everyone who experiences that the Near East, the place from where the Christianity began to spread and from which the writings speak so much about, would be an interesting place to serve the Lord, is welcome. The doors open out when it's time and Father hears all the prayers, of that I'm certain.


During the journey I heard that the locals don't trust each other even though it may seem that they have close relationships among family and otherwise. In a shame culture there's always fear of getting disgraced by someone or that someone disgraces himself, his family and relatives or even his own country. I heard a saying in Tyre, Lebanon which depicts this mistrust: "It's me against my brother, my brother and I against our family, our family against rest of our tribe, our tribe against other tribes and our nation against everyone else."

No smoking?


The Near East is quite volatile region because the domain is disputed by so many religious people groups. Willing to know more about the Near East and Islam, you might want to check these sites behind the links: and List_of_conflicts_in_the_Middle_East. I recommend to have a look on the latter link Wikipedia listing with a sense of humor. You might not want to talk about Israel so that the surrounding nations hear you, they all blame Israel. We were in Lebanon at the same time that the shooting incident happened on the border between Lebanon and Israel. One Israeli senior officer, three Hizbollah soldiers and one reporter got killed. Lebanon doesn't have army in South of Lebanon, at the border of Israel but the region is controlled by Shiite, that is Hizbollah, like a state-within-a-state. We prayed that day that there wouldn't be any bombings. The tension in the region is tightening until something like this ignites the war again. In the news the premier of Syria accused Israel of everything but later on they investigated that Israel had been limbing a tree on their side of the border and Hizbollah soldiers had opened fire on them on wrong basis. Maybe it gives you the image of the situation in the Near East that limbing of a tree can cause the murder of five people. In Lebanon I met a man who wanted to present me a former café, which he told me, was bombed by the Israelis. On the spot was ruins that had been left there so that the locals could tell what Israel is doing to them. I didn't take a stance on the matter but I flattered that Lebanon is a beautiful country and he smiled at me. I've heard though that the groups fighting Israel have used civilians as shields but at that situation I didn't want to say it because I supposed it wouldn't change the man's attitude. I also didn't want to risk our goal of the mission. Despite of the volatile situation, the Arabs seem to like tobacco and especially Shisha aka. water pipe that they seemed to have in almost every food place. When there was a sign that said ”No Smoking!” the worth of noticing it was as great as with the ”Push” and ”Pull” signs on the doors. The signs are readable but people still try to open the doors to wrong direction.

Did these experiences also have a purpose?


Maybe the weirdest happening during the trip was when in Damascus on the entrance of a mosque a few ladies stopped to ask me whether I was a boy. At first I wasn't sure that I understood their English and I asked from my friend who spoke Arabic of what they wanted to know and suddenly she started laughing. She explained that they're joking with me but it remained a little unclear whether they suspected my manliness or not. My hair was little past my ears and I had dyed the tips blond and my short whisker was also quite light. They weren't used to seeing guys with lighter hair and you can imagine how others laughed when they heard about the incident. I had previously refused from a haircut in Lebanon where I heard they cut really short and wax and even trim your nose hair if you don't keep your eyes open.


One of the nastiest experiences was without doubt the food poisoning which me and my friend had on the same morning when we were supposed to leave to Syria. In that heat (35'C) it made us weak fast. Thank God it didn't last longer than a day and people prayed for us though. We had to delay the trip to Syria and finally I got to be there for one day. I wondered the purpose of that but a day's visit to Syria was enough for me.

When I arrived to the border of Lebanon in the first day, the immigration guy asked the other officers something about Finland like trying to find a reason why he wouldn't let me into the country. Then he put a stamp on my passport and said: "You can't come to Lebanon.". I asked: "What?", and in a minute he gave back my passport and said that I may go. For a while I wondered what I would do if they didn't let me in but then I guessed that he's only joking with me. He had stamped a month's visa on my passport.



A strange experience was also to come from Syria to Lebanon in a taxi without proper breaks. We drove really slowly. First we thought that the driver has a problem but when we were almost ”home” he waved at us that the breaks don't have traction or something. The road was full of ups and downs and even the bumps were nicely paved but not flattened. Then the driver tried to rip us off with extra price. Our host family was amused by the fact that usually teams complain about drivers going too fast.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

In the final day my friend almost got killed. She was driving alone for the first time when suddenly a huge truck backed up to the road crushing a similar vehicle in front of her. The driver from the crushed car realised that the truck won't stop and jumped out so no-one got hurt. Apparently the breaks of the truck failed. This happened on a highway with constant stream of cars.


Regardless of all the experiences I was safe knowing that not a hair falls from my head without heavenly Father letting it happen and that He guides those who walk in prayer. Father raises and guides His child with love.


Maybe I return to the Near East one day with a new camera! They have a saying there: If God wills!”, and like the army of Finland urges us with their slogan: ”Do work that has a meaning!”.


Your brother in Christ,

CROSS.TV Regional Manager


Janne Bröijer


god bless you

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great vid again :)


noi sun Kiina kuvat on niin ihania! Tonne on kyllä päästävä joskus... :P

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