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Vanessa Andrade


I am a person sit silently, timid, what i like to comfort and harmony.happy to go to the cinema, dance, sing, go out with friends, be with family and my work:teach children. i am happy to know things and new people, especially those that can help me to know and understand more than the love of Jesus and His word. I thank God for all these blessings in my life and everything that he is still going to prepare.


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smile again!!

Happy birth day to you, God bless you!!


alles gute zum geburtstag und Gottes segen

vanessa27 Grupo Gospel Amados de Deus הוא כעת איש קשר של

vanessa27 mirinha הוא כעת איש קשר של

vanessa27 Kingdom Life Institute הוא כעת איש קשר של

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