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urban_believer2022|United States

I'm somewhat pensive at the moment.

Middle Eastern Christian Dying; Victim of Persecution

Let us not forget our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are suffering from persecution and are being targeted by everyone from extremists to their own governments simply because they choose to follow Christ. 


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urban_believer2022 Stand with Israel הוסיף וידיאו חדש

Stand with Israel

Persecuted Christians in Syria need our prayers!

Since the civil war started in Syria, life in the country has become increasingly difficult. There is danger all around from both sides. Also, due to the international boycott of the country, there are food sh…

Thank you for posting this! This is a deeply important matter. The persecuted church, especially in the Middle East is a subject that is near and very dear to my heart. Indeed, we must pray for our Christian Brothers and Sisters in Syria as well as throughout the Middle East.

urban_believer2022 Christian Arab Worship Music הוסיף את קובץ האודיו

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