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Welcome to Singletree. We are so happy you decided to join us. Please add your prayer request so we can pray for you and your family during these trying times. Bishop Johnny Rutledge!

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Thank the Lord for mercy and grace toward me, my family, friends, and foes. Protect us and keep us Lord while we are on this journey.

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Dr. Rutledge, a bible historian, has a serious passion for the truth.


In a world where fantasy is a way of life, Dr. Rutledge draws from the truth and power present in the historical pages of the bible and translates them into usable tools for today’s Christian walk. 

Singletree Media *New | A Message From GOD הוסיף וידיאו חדש
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*New | A Message From GOD

Singletree Media *New | Pray in the Authority of Jesus הוסיף וידיאו חדש
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*New | Pray in the Authority of Jesus

Singletree Media Women of Faith הוסיף וידיאו חדש

Women of Faith

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Walk It Out!

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The Blood of Jesus Saves

Singletree Media Can These Dry Bones Live? הוסיף וידיאו חדש

Can These Dry Bones Live?

Singletree Media Fire Shut Up In My Bones הוסיף וידיאו חדש

Fire Shut Up In My Bones

Singletree Media #12: Daily Inspiration הוסיף וידיאו חדש

#12: Daily Inspiration

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